Water Utilities
Monthly & Hourly Wireless water usage
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This website is designed to allow City of Renton drinking water customers to view their water usage data. If your meter is read using the wireless reading system you will be able to see hourly consumption. All City of Renton water customers will be able to view their monthly / bi-monthly consumption. Year-to-year comparisons of consumption for a month can be viewed side by side. Enter the 8 digit Serial Number as it appears on your water utility bill, an example of where to find this is provided below.
An Example of your Water Utility Bill
Serial No. xxxxxxxx
Usage From: mm/dd/yyyy mm/dd/yyyy Usage
Meter Reads: 0 2
Enter Your Serial Number Here
Serial No.
Manage Your on-line Account
E-statements are now available via email. To manage and monitor your account and statement preference, create an account at www.rentonwa.gov/ub and choose the Electronic Bill option. You can also pay on-line and set up auto pay for your convenience.
E-Pay Options
All accounts can pay by phone at 1.800.430.1669 using the login information provided on your Water Utility bill using the User ID and Passsword. To make a payment on-line go to www.renton.gov/ub
Export your data
Analyze your own data by exporting Monthly and Hourly usage in a comma delimited format.