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Housing Repair Assistance Program
β€œ a blessing. By touching the lives of seniors needing assistance to this program brings happiness and joy at being able to maintain and remain in our homes. Thank You.” According to Food Lifeline:
  • 51% of hungry people must choose between food and paying for heat
  • 40% must choose between food and paying for medicine
  • 40% must choose between food and paying for rent.
One can only imagine the percentage of people who do not have the resources to pay for repairs to their furnace or water heater, or to fix that constantly running toilet or faucet in the house. Or maybe the choice is whether to pay the utility bill or stop that roof leak that is allowing rain water to drip through the ceiling inside the house. These are the kind of repair services provided to certified low income homeowners of the City of Renton Housing Repair Assistance program. β€œIt has been a wonderful program for me It is helping me remain in my own home. I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you!”

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